Have you ever felt confused trying to grow
your own herb garden?

Or wondered which herbal preparation will be
the most potent?

I understand how hard it is to navigate the deluge of herbal information out there, and find a resource you can trust.

With over twenty-five years under my belt growing herbs, making medicine, and teaching about plants, I’ve come up with a program that is chock-full of expert guidance for cultivating medicinal herbs and addressing common ailments at home with your very own tinctures, syrups, poultices and salves.

Bonus: You’ll be learning all about herbs while you save money—growing the garden of your dreams and whipping up a homegrown medicine chest full of the highest quality remedies to be found!

~Juliet Blankespoor

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Herbal Immersion Program Outline

Module 1: in Herbalism

Cultivating Relationships with Healing Plants; to Botany; Plant Families; Vegetative and Floral Terms; Herbal Actions; Ethical Wildcrafting; Spring Plant Walk; Medicinal Preparations; Harvesting Herbs; Edible Flowers


Module 2: The Nitty-Gritty of Soil, Part 1

 Principles of Organic Gardening; Planning Your Dream Garden; Growing Healthy Soil; Building Soil Fertility; Botanical Garden Allies; Creating New Garden Beds;
Container Gardening

Module 4

Module 3: Common Useful Garden Weeds

Daylily; Lamb’s Quarters;
Chickweed; Dandelion; Violet;
Purple Dead Nettle;
Cleavers; Creasy Greens;
Garlic Mustard; Yellow Dock;
Japanese Honeysuckle

sochan digging

Module 4: Plant Propagation

Special for Germinating Herbs: Stratification, Scarification, and Light-Dependent Germination;
Preparing Seed Trays; Sowing Seeds; Soil Blocks; Bottom Heat; Root Division; Stem Cuttings; Layering; Seed Saving of Medicinal Herbs

8C3A1918 - Version 2

Module 5: Tonic Herbs and Adaptogens

Introduction to Adaptogens, Alteratives and Tonic Herbs;
Gotu Kola; Tulsi;
Nettles; Milky Oats;
Astragalus; Ginseng;


Module 6: The Nitty-Gritty of Soil, Part 2

Introduction to Permaculture; Building a Compost Pile;
Composting Leaf Mold; Organic
Pest and Disease Management;
Season Extension; Woodland Cultivation of Medicinal Herbs; Homemade Potting Soil

Calendula officinalis flower